Though our Sunday family gatherings are consistently powerful, encouraging, fun and educational we offer something life-changing during the week that the human heart longs for . . . small gatherings with amazing people in homes throughout San Fernando Valley, also known as Life Groups.  

Each week the leadership at Legacy Family Church opens their living room to groups of eight to twenty people for social interaction, Bible study and prayer.  Over the years we have learned that a church is only as strong as its relationships.  After all, the new testament church that Jesus designed began in living rooms, not buildings.  

The soul purpose of Life Groups is to focus on healthy relationship growing in Christ.  This is where life-long friendships develop and basic knowledge of God grows organically.  Once you experience a solid Life Group, you're hooked.  It happens every time!  We want to invite you to sign up for a Legacy Family Church Life Group in a city near you or with the people that have your interests (i.e. marriage, occupation, artistic gifts or specific Bible topics to name a few).  

Simply fill out the necessary information for us to contact you and we'll introduce you to the world's greatest people!